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62 x 74,5 cm
Oil on canvas


Artwork profile

The Triumph of Love

The Expertise

The painting represents a congruous example of the high qualitative level reached by the artists working in various ways within Guido Reni’s environment, as Sirani actually was. Indeed, she is one of the most important female painters of all times: essentially she was a very fine and sensible follower of Reni’s lesson, nevertheless she expressed a marked personality of her own, of which this painting is a valid testimony. Sirani’s taste of drawing and colour, that undoubtedly much owes to Reni, shines bright in this marvellous painting. It is a work to be dated to the late phase of an artist who unfortunately died young and was therefore prevented from developing in full all her potentials. It is a moving work of art of excellent quality, a perfect companion to the masterpieces from Reni exhibited in this same Collection. Sirani had a very strong sense of modern nauralism and was not even immune to the caravaggesque influence, yet it is noteworthy how all is resolved in terms of a sweetness and of a refinement of handling that imbue the work with a peculiar feminine sensibility, much appreciated by the contemporaries and still today very fascinating for the lovers of the painting of that period. (Claudio Strinati)